ClubHub – Managing and Discovering University clubs

During the CUNY Hackathon of 2016, our team wasn’t sure of what project to pursue. A few conversations later, we realized that all members of our group were involved with clubs from their respective schools, and that all of us had a similar shared club experience riddled with communication errors, lack of organization and transparency between Students, Club Managers and Universities

So we decided to collaboratively build a complete platform overnight that solves all of these issues, while also empowering students and club organizers alike with tools that promote synergy between all parts. Our platform includes a fully functioning authentication system, club analytics, the ability to follow/unfollow clubs as a student, mass-communication tools for Club Managers, personal calendars for students and much more, effectively solving the problem.

Each Club also gets a page of their own, where they can post announcements, create events and manage their members. Club Managers have access to a robust set of tools to understand and communicate with their audience, such as custom analytics and the ability to send mass e-mails to all followers.


On the student side of things, they can easily discover and follow clubs by browsing through their University’s ClubHub pages. The act of following a club automatically updates your personal calendar with all its events, synchronizing them with Google Calendar as well if the user so desires. Students can also use the Newsfeed page to see a combined list of updates from all of the clubs they follow, similarly to what you see on Facebook today.


By creating this free open platform, we hoped to provide clubs with powerful tools for recruitment, management and communication with their members, while also empowering individual users by filling in the communication gaps that currently exist with effective organizational tools. We also believe that the public nature of the club pages and events also increases transparency between these organizations and the University they’re in, so all parties can be fully aware of what’s being done and where.

We assume that the project is also reasonably easy to monetize through a subscription based service that unlocks advanced tools for club owners (like messaging all club members through SMS messaging or unlocking detailed analytics). The event management portion of the project can also be expanded and ClubHub can take a fee of any ticket sales that may occur within its platform. Ultimately, we could also implement a job-ad based business model, connecting students to potential employers and internships based on their profile and types of clubs they engage with.

The front end of this project was built using the Bootstrap framework and the back-end using Node.JS/Express.JS. We used Postgresql to design the database and stitched all of the parts together with sugar, adrenaline and force of will. ClubHub was the grand prize winner of the CUNY 2016 Hackathon.

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