CyberSnake – First Person Snake in Mixed Reality. Really.

At a Hackathon last weekend (Treehacks @ Stanford) I wanted to create a creative HoloLens experience that truly transformed your space and motivated the user to interact with it in fun and silly ways. Then thought how absurd it would be if you could play a three-dimensional first-person mixed-reality version of snake, where you control the snake’s head with your own and a tail progressively builds out the back of your skull as you collect objects – throw in a 80’s ~cyber aesthetic~  and CyberSnake was born!

Upon starting the game, the user is prompted to scan their space. Using the Hololens’s Spatial Mapping sensors and some scripts that we wrote, we were able to get a full understanding of the user’s space and automatically create a custom play area specific to your surroundings.

After scanning and generating the playspace, the user can play the game. Users must use their head to collect CyberBurgers™ while at the same time avoiding the ever-growing CyberTail™ that follows them. Other special pickups are also available, like the IceDream™, which attracts all of the surrounding cubes into a single point in space if you shout out a motivational code (and causes a huge explosion that can be used strategically to destroy parts of your own tail).

And don’t be fooled – this is a very physical game. You’ll have to get down on the ground, jump and do some mad twister stuff to progress. Restrained players need not apply.

The game also has a number of easter eggs and voice commands that can be used to enhance your CyberExperience™. Saying “Samuel Jackson”, for instance, turns all of the tail spheres into Samuel Jackson as he screams “I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!”. It’s pretty terrifying.

Discovering meaningful interactions for the HoloLens is always a challenge given its limited input, but I think I stumbled upon a few with this project. The fact that the experience requires the user to really surrender themselves by getting down on the ground, saying silly things and collecting objects with their actual head was a big smile-creator. The end result is an experience I believe is truly memorable.

Official release in April. If you’re press, get in touch with me so we can time the publishing of articles and that type of stuff.

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