MyLab – Learning Chemistry interactively in MR

With MyLab, I decided to use the HoloLens to explore the realm of education – I’m a firm believer that Mixed and Virtual Reality have the potential to “supercharge” human learning through the development of experiences that are truly memorable (interactive) and can exist in your space, and I wanted to have my first shot at that with MyLab in an app that’s both simple and polished.

In the application, users can interact with a holographic interactive table to spawn atoms, study their structure, build molecules by combining them and separate filters by type. Multiplayer interactivity allows for users to learn and play together within the same environment, a feature that can be expanded in the future with some classroom experimentation. Experiences like that will certainly play a role as education transitions from our standard models to very media-driven ones. Users can also learn about all of the atom types by using simple filters on the right side of the UI.

Have a HoloLens? The app is already up in the Microsoft store! Check it out.

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