PedágiosOnline – Turning an old spreadsheet into an easy to use service

For over 10 years my father held a small venture in which he sold a subscription-based service to keep several transportation companies updated on current toll values across the country (which are supremely hard to keep track of in Brazil). Every time a change was present, all of his clients received an updated excel spreadsheet of all of Brazil’s tolls by e-mail that had to be manually updated. After realizing all the shortcomings of this approach, I decided to use my web development knowledge to turn his business into a full-fledged online service with a functional database, search functions, easy to access toll value history, user authentication and automatic notifications using MailChimp integration. I also took this opportunity to create a free version of the service so the public can access information that’s relevant to them as well, which only helped raise the popularity of the service and number of subscribers by 304%.


I built the website using PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap and MySQL. I also built my own Content Management System so the entire database can be easily manipulated, taking into account all of the common mathematical formulas that coordinate the toll’s pricing system.


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