Project Mova – Teaching Movement on Smartphones

Movement is one of the defining aspects of human expression, and for years companies have struggled to teach it reliably through smartphones. Project Mova was an educational experiment in which I tried a distinct approach to teaching dancing, fitness, yoga and even martial arts through mobile devices. To do this, I turned every single step, move or fitness exercise into one self-contained loop the user can easily control by changing it’s speed, angle and zooming in/out so they can master each move individually.


The goal was to create bite sized, free-to-play learning suite where the user has full control over high-definition 240fps loops of movements shot simultaneously from multiple angles, taking full advantage of human visual learning capabilities. On every loop, users would also have access easy to a Tutor Mode they can consult – the Tutor Mode takes over the recording and explains the steps behind the move frame by frame with onscreen instructions.

In MOVA, all of the content is produced in a in-house 3m x 3m production studio with 3 cameras positioned at fixed angles. Custom MOVA software captures all inputs, synchronizes the video data, compresses it accordingly and gathers all additional information in a .mova file so it is app-ready in minutes.


A project prototype was developed with Android Studio to test out the learning effectiveness of this new approach, and we found a lot of success compared to other learning methods that dominate the internet today.

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