ThoughtSpace – Exploring other people’s thoughts in VR

This is a passion project I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I originally conceived it as a mobile app, buy my interests in Virtual Reality turned it into something else that was conveniently easier to build. My main goal was to use virtual reality to explore new forms of human connection in a multi-sensorial experience – and during the HackCooper 2016 hackathon, ThoughtSpace was built.

ThoughtSpace is an immersive VR social experience where you can physically interact with other people’s thoughts in an unknown world. In the app, users find themselves surrounded by floating orbs that each contain a hidden voice message left by someone else who used Thoughtspace before you did. By reaching out with your hands and delicately touching each orb, it’ll begin to play the voice message stored within.  ThoughtSpace also allows users to leave voice messages of their own to populate the world even further, and they’re permanently stored in our databases for others to experience.

ThoughtSpace makes use of Leap Motion for hand tracking, Unity 3D’s game engine, as well as NodeJS, ParticleJS, HTML, JavaScript and MySQL for the web portion of the project. ThoughtSpace was awarded the prize of “Best Creative Hack”. We’re now talking with several art galleries and institutions that are interested in hosting the experience.

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