TravelGem – Exploring The Hidden Gems of The World

TravelGem is an online platform that empowers explorers by curating and selling trips to hidden gems around the world. Every week features 5 all-new locations which users can explore through Virtual Reality and 360 degree content, and users have the option to book a full trip on the spot. After a location has been featured on any given week, it’ll be a long time before it ever appears on the service again. Every deal is a one in a lifetime chance, and TravelGem always has something new to offer.

This project was developed for the 24VR hackathon. In our prompt, we had to find a way to use Virtual Reality to encourage tourism, so we decided to focus on the hidden gems of the world that rarely get traveled to, but that can be experienced beforehand by users through Virtual Reality technology.

The Virtual Reality portion of the project was built using Unity Engine and the C# programming language. The web portion was built using Bootstrap, PHP, HTML, CSS and MySQL.

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